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Golden State Lender Implements Digital Lending Technology

Mountain West Financial has rolled out an online borrower portal.

The digital lending platform from Lender Price is a borrower engagement platform that automates and streamlines the mortgage-loan-application process.

“Our borrowers want a convenient and easy to use way to engage with us online,” said Mike Douglas, CEO of California-based Mountain West Financial, a retail and wholesale mortgage lender. “The reason we chose Lender Price is because their platform gave us the flexibility to create a process that doesn’t have a lot of ‘fluff’. We built an efficient workflow that encourages borrowers to complete the application while also ensuring that information was captured in our LOS in real-time.”

The integration between digital lending platform and Mountain West’s loan-origination system provides borrowers visibility throughout the entire origination process. Loan status updates, document uploads and even pricing engine access were built into the LOS integration.

“Our borrowers are happier and it’s a tremendous time saver for our loan officers,” said Douglas. “We’ve rolled out to more than 150 loan officers across 30 branches and it’s been extremely successful for us. We know this is going to transform the way we do business.”

The platform integrates with loan-origination systems to create a seamless environment between the borrower, loan officer and the operations staff, resulting in a smoother, more transparent and faster mortgage closing process.

Digital lending platform features digital verification services for assets, employment and credit reports, which intelligently fill out loan application data and drive more complete and accurate borrower submissions. DLP provides intuitive tools that allow mortgage lending institutions to create their own borrower experience without any technical know-how.

“Our clients include several large banks and mortgage lenders that insist on controlling the borrower experience,” said Dawar Alimi, CEO of Lender Price. “We built tools that are specifically designed for non-technical people to create complex workflows within [digital lending platform]. By giving our clients both the flexibility and control they want, we’re providing a sustainable platform because it can change and adapt to their needs over time.”


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