Land Gorilla Integrates with zlien


Oct. 11, 2018 —Land Gorilla has integrated its Construction Loan Manager solution is now integrated with zlien, the world’s first and only collaborative construction payment ecosystem.

This industry-first integration digitizes the lien waiver process for draw management, condensing turn time for construction loans from days to just minutes.

Statutory state-specific lien waivers can be quickly generated for draw requests managed within the CLM. The simplified process allows lenders to create, distribute, execute and collect lien waivers, including requesting e-signatures. The integration provides an efficient and accurate method to manage lien waivers and avoid liens that complicate and delay projects.

The integration enables lenders to:
Generate pre-populated state-specific lien waivers.
Request electronic waivers with an e-signature.
Validate that waivers are completed correctly.

“Our integration with zlien is a game-changer for lenders,” says Sean Faries, CEO of Land Gorilla. “Lenders can confidently manage the payment process while protecting their lien priority and increasing project completion. Zlien has been a leader in empowering a fair payment process for the construction industry and we welcome them as a valued technology partner. We are excited to offer our customers this innovative solution who will no doubt benefit from its use.”

“This partnership is about empowering companies to get what they have earned,” said Coy Henderson, Director of Business Development,zlien.”The industry is reliant on all types of companies coming together and successfully collaborating time and again to serve our customers. Fortunately for the construction industry, Land Gorilla has been driving innovation and spearheading change for lenders,which also shows in our integration. We are truly excited to work with the Land Gorilla team and usher in a better future for so many.”


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