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Twitter Making it Easier For Originators to Sharpen Their Marketing Messages

Rick Grant

By Rick Grant

When I started tweeting, there weren’t a great many serious mortgage industry professionals on the platform. What could an originator say of any importance using only 140 characters? It turns out, quite a lot. Today, there are thousands of originators using Twitter to get attention, share information and get more business.

By making it easy to send out a tweet when they posted to LinkedIn, the most popular social media platform for business people, Twitter introduced many industries to its platform. Using Twitter can boost your business, keep you in front of clients, realtors and other influencers.

But how do you know if your posts are actually connecting with anyone? Twitter has released a tweet activity dashboard that will allow any user to learn more about their tweets and how they are resonating with their audience.

According to Twitter, it’s dashboard can allow any user to:

  • See how people engage with your tweets in real time.
  • Compare your tweet activity and followers and see how they trend over time.
  • Click on any tweet to get a detailed view of the number of retweets, replies, likes, follows, or clicks it receives.
  • Get detailed insights into who your audience is, especially those who engage with your tweets, and
  • Download your tweet metrics.

Using the tool, it’s quite easy to see a detailed analysis of your Twitter activity. For each tweet a user sends, they can use the dashboard to track:

  • How many impressions the tweet got.
  • How many other Twitter users engaged with the tweet, and
  • The engagement rate (impressions divided by engagements).

By clicking on individual tweets, users can then get more specific information on each engagement, such as:

  • Video views
  • Link clicks
  • Photo or video clicks
  • Likes
  • Retweets
  • Replies
  • Detail expands
  • Profile clicks

You can see all of this data over time, so you can track average engagements per day and how your numbers are changing throughout the month. This will allow you to determine what is resonating with your audience so you can tweet out more of it.

The available data goes back to October 2013, so if you’ve been tweeting as long as I have, you’ll be able to track your performance over time.

 To access your tweet activity dashboard, visit It is also accessible from the iOS and Android Twitter apps.

The  dashboard makes it easy for an originator to know his Twitter strategy is working and he can continue on it. Or it’s not, and changes to the strategy are necessary.

About the Author: Rick Grant is the president of RGA Public Relations and a frequent contributor to mortgage industry publications. Email him at



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