Download the 2Q19 Commercial/Multifamily DataBook

Commercial Real Estate Research released its Second Quarter 2019 Commercial/Multifamily DataBook and Second Quarter 2019 Commercial/Multifamily Mortgage Debt Outstanding Report.

Highlights from the DataBook include:

  • Real gross domestic product grew at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 2% during the second quarter, with consumer expenditures growing at a rate of 4.7%.
  • The strong economy, low interest rates and liquid finance markets all contributed to delinquency rates that are at or near record lows for commercial and multifamily mortgage loans.
  • Falling long-term interest rates and sustained strength in commercial real estate markets lifted commercial and multi-family mortgage originations during the second quarter. Originations for life insurance companies and for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac continued at record paces during the first half of the year, as did originations of loans backed by multifamily and industrial properties.

Highlights from the Commercial/Multifamily Mortgage Debt Outstanding Report include:

  • At the end of the first half of 2019, total commercial/multifamily debt outstanding was at $3.50 trillion. Multifamily mortgage debt alone increased $24.4 billion (1.7%) to $1.5 trillion from the first quarter.
  • All four major capital sources increased their holdings during the quarter. With strong demand expected to continue, debt levels are likely to climb even more and end the year at a new high.

Download MBA’s 2Q19 Commercial/Multifamily DataBook and 2Q19 Commercial/Multifamily Mortgage Debt Outstanding report for free.

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